What is Merrybet all about?
Merrybet is a bookmaker, licensed and authorised to take bets and pay winnings based on outcomes of sports. Merrybet encourages those who want to become sports traders by offering sports trading platform to trade on the results of sports, be it football, basketball, tennis, formula 1, baseball, handball, rugby, cycling etc.

What types of bets can I place with Merrybet?

Merrybet offers a large selection of sports, leagues, matches and bet types along with the next best thing to actually being at the sports event – Live Bets! and virtual football. All you need to do is enter your sport type and league of interest, and you will have all the options in front of you. Enjoy!

What are the advantages of betting with Merrybet?

Here at merrybet we believe in giving our players the ultimate sports betting experience in a safe and user-friendly environment. We want you to feel the electrifying atmosphere in the air and hear the virtual roar of the crowd; all this without even having to buy a ticket to the event. Merrybet also brings you the most competitive odds around, making sure that on top of having fun, you might also win a bit of cash betting on your favourite sporting events

How do I place a bet?

You need to log into your Merrybet’s account. When you have found the bet you want to make, simply click on your selection and the bet will appear in your bet slip in the top right corner of the page. Once the bet slip has opened, enter the amount that you wish to wager, and the bet slip will automatically calculate your potential winnings. Once you are happy with your choice and the amount you wish to wager click on “Place Bet” to make your bet. The bet amount will then be deducted from your account balance

What are the minimum and maximum stakes I can place?

The minimum stake is N50 per bet. There is no strictly defined maximum stake.

How do I open an account?

Visit and then click on Open account button and then follow the simple steps outlined there. You will be able to begin betting immediately you have funded your account after registering.

I have lost my username and/or password what do I do?

For details on how to reset your password please click on the link marked “Forgot your password?” found at the top of the homepage on merrybet. If you have forgotten your username, please email our customer support team at [email protected] and a new username will be set up for you once you have confirmed your identity.

What features does my Merrybet account have?

Your merrybet account is a control panel that lets you make the most of our services. You need to be logged in to make deposits or withdrawals, place bets, and so on. Under “My Account” you can view your current balance, betting history, open bets and a list of all your account actions.

How do I deposit money into my Merrybet account?

We have various deposit options listed on our website to make it easier for our esteemed clients to choose the payment method that is most suitable for them. Kindly click on the deposit option at the top of the home page.

In which currencies can I bet?

Currently you can bet in the following currencies: Nigerian Naira and Liberty Reserve USD.

How do I withdraw my winnings from my Merrybet account?

To withdraw money from your account proceed to the Payouts section while logged in. Select either Bank Transfer or PerfectMoney. Provide relevant bank account details then click “Next”.

Can I withdraw my money back without placing bets?

Your fund must pass through the system at least twice before you can make a withdrawal. You must place bets before your withdrawal can be authorised.

How to Book-a-bet

To Book-a-bet, Kindly visit the website and select your games. On your betslip, click on Book-a-bet, it generates a code. The Booking Code that you have gotten can be played at any Merrybet betting shop or online using the “Load Booking Code or Betslip Number” feature. Kindly note that this feature works when you are online (logged in) or offline (logged out).

Partial cashout

A customer can choose to perform a partial cashout instead of a full cashout. In this case, the customer will type a partial cashout amount that is less than the available full cashout amount. Once the partial cashout is performed the system uses the remaining balance to calculate a new stake and possible winning. This allows the customer the opportunity to win more money should they eventually win the bet.Partial cashout.