Hollywoodbets Quick links and Guide

Today’s sure win

How to Register Account 

To activate your account for the website use, go to the Hollywood website hollywoodbets.net and click on Join Now (which can be found just beneath the login details at the top right hand side of the page). You will be asked if you are a new client, or an existing client.

How to place bet with hollywoodbets, 

Visit hollywoodbets.net

Enter your stake on the bet slip that has appeared on the right hand side of your screen,

Then click SUBMIT. TO BET ON FIXED PLACES, SP, OPEN WIN, OPEN PLACE, OR EACH WAY: Click on the drop down menu to the left of the BET button, and choose your bet type. Click BET, enter your stake and then click SUBMIT.

Here’s how you play:
  1. Choose your favorite numbers between 1-49. Choose how many numbers you want to bet on. You have the option of 1, 2, 3 or 4 numbers. …
  2. 1 number = 5 x stake.
  3. 2 numbers = 52 x stake.
  4. 3 numbers = 400 x stake.
  5. 4 numbers = 3000 x stake. So if you bet R10 on 2 numbers. Your payout
Lucky Numbers Odds for SA Lotto
  1. 1 NUMBER. Choose 1 number between 1– 49. If your chosen number is drawn out of the 7 lotto balls you are a winner! …
  2. 2 NUMBERS. Choose 2 numbers between 1– 49. …
  3. 3 NUMBERS. Choose 3 numbers between 1– 49. …
  4. 4 NUMBERS. Choose 4 numbers between 1– 49.
How to withdraw from your Hollywoodbets account using e Wallet and Instant Money:
  1. Click on the account button.
  2. Select withdrawl.
  3. Select “cash send to cellphone”.
  4. Select either Instant Money or FNB eWallet.
  5. Enter an amount between R100 and R3000.
  6. Ensure that your valid cellphone number is linked to your betting account.