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HOW TO BET with Innobet
For special rules for pre match and live betting please go to the respective chapters on this page

Single Bet

An  innobet  single bet contains only one selection of an event that is open for betting. Your selection must be correct for your bet to win. The placed stake amount multiplied by the odds of your selection results in your winnings. The winnings are your returned stake amount plus your profit. Stake Amount = 100.00 Odds = 1.50 Winnings= 150.00 Profit: = 50.00
Multiple Bet (Accumulator, Combo)
A multiple bet contains multiple selections of one or more events that are open for betting. All selections must be winners for your ticket/bet to be a winner. All odds are multiplied to result in total odds. Total odds multiplied by your stake amount results in your winnings. Example: • Selection A Odds 1.50 • Selection B Odds 2.00 • Selection C Odds 2.50 • Selection D Odds 4.00 Stake Amount = 10.00 Total Odds 1.50 x 2.00 x 2.50 x 4.00 = 30.00 Winnings = 300.00 Profit= 290.00
System Bet
A innobet system bet contains multiple selections of one or more events where you can chose which number of correct selections your ticket has to have for your bet to be deemed as a winner. Example: • Selection A Selection B Selection C Selection D • You choose a system 3 / 4 and a stake amount of 8 • Your ticket wins if at least one the following combinations are correct: ABC ABD ACD BCD • Your stake will be split between all possible combinations  2 each.
Removed Selections – Match or Market Cancellation
If a match or a single selection is cancelled or postponed according to special rules in the prematch and live section, your stake will be returned and your selection will be processed as a winner with odds of 1.00 If a game of a multiple bet or system bet is either postponed or cancelled then your bet will stand and the withdrawn selection will be processed as a winner with odds of 1.00. The remaining bet will be evaluated with selections that are left and still have action. For example a 4-selection ticket will automatically become a 3-selection ticket and the odds will be reduced accordingly. If there is any bonus awarded that is bound to a number of selections in a ticket, then your bonus will be adapted accordingly to the reduced number of selections in that ticket.
Odds Change during Bet Acceptance
If the odds on a selection in your basket have changed in the system after you have pressed the bet placement button the system will give you two options: A) You can tick the box “Accept odds changes” and hence accept all odds changes after the button is pressed B) You do not tick the box and will automatically accept all higher odds than in your basket and will be asked in a pop up message if you want to accept any lower odds than shown in your basket Results Bets will be settled in accordance with the official results after the completion of the event. For resulting purposes we do not accept protests or overturned decisions.

Payout Limits per Ticket

The innobet system is using payout limits per ticket, depending on the rating of the tournaments/leagues where the involved matches derive from. The limits apply before the bet/ticket is placed and hence avoids an actual placement before the ticket is confirmed. The limits are not fixed but subject to a dynamic process in which the management can evaluate certain events and their limits upon own discretion. If multiple bets are combined on one ticket , the payout limitation of this ticket derives from the bet on the event belonging to the lowest rated tournament/league.
Rounding Rules
For the purpose of giving you exact money values in your betting transactions, our system is rounding using all digits of the odds you select and combine. In order to display these odds in a proper and readable way, we are showing them with two digits behind the comma only. However, the full number of digits is used for the calculation of your ticket values. After the total odds are calculated with your stake amount, including all potential bonuses and fees, we take the liberty to make a final rounding to two digits behind the comma, that means we are rounding down to for 1 Cent in € currency. The system is using mathematical rounding: 1. If the last digit we keep is 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 then rounding is downwards 2. If the last digit we keep is 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 then rounding is upwards Example: The total odds displayed in your basket are 44,86. These odds are displayed in a cropped format, as our system is using the actual odds of 44.868975 for calculation purposes. If the stake amount you want to place on this ticket is 5 €, then the calculation of your ticket results in a potential win of 224.344875. If there is a bonus of e.g. 2 % applying for this ticket, then the system is still using all digits which results in 228.8317725. Only now the system is using the rounding rule which finally results in value of 228.83 Total Odds 44.868975 X Stake Amount 5 = 224.344875 224.344875 X 2% = 228.8317725 228.8317725 rounding = 228.83
The innobet system can offer you a bonus under certain circumstances and on discretion of the management. This can be a permanent offer or temporary only. The bonus scheme is usually bonus percentage of your winnings and mostly depending on the number of selections you combine on one ticket. It will be awarded in case your ticket wins only. Your potential bonus is shown in the shopping basket of your ticket as “Superbonus” and is calculated as a percentage of your actual winning amount. The actual bonus can be lower than your potential bonus at the time of your bet placement, as in case of a system bet, where only parts of your selections are winning, you might not win the full amount of your potential winnings initially shown in the basket. Please Note: In case a selection on your ticket becomes void , it will not count for the number of selections combined on one ticket.
The number of valid selections for the bonus will be reduced accordingly. Example 1 – Multiple Bet Stake amount 100,00 Total Odds 25,00 Number of selections 5 Bonus percentage on a ticket with 5 combined selections 10% Calculation Standard Calculation Stake x Odds 100,00 x 25,00 = 2500,00 x Bonus ´% 2500,00 x 0,10 = 250,00 Bonus + Winnings = Total Winning 2500,00 + 250,00 = 2750,00 Example 2 – System Bet Stake amount 100,00 Total Odds 25,00 Actual Winning Odds (not all selections won) 20,00 Number of selections 5 Bonus percentage on a ticket with 5 combined selections 10% Calculation Standard Calculation Stake x Odds 100,00 x 20,00 = 2000,00 x Bonus ´% 2000,00 x 0,10 = 200,00 Bonus + Winnings = Total Winning 2000,00 + 200,00 = 2200,00 Example 3 Multiple Bet with 1 selection voided with odds of 1.0 Stake amount 100,00 Total Odds 25,00 Total Odds after void selection 15,00 Number of selections 5 Bonus percentage on a ticket with 5 combined selections 10% Bonus percentage on a ticket with 4 combined selections 5% Calculation Standard Calculation Stake x Odds 100,00 x 15,00 = 1500,00 x Bonus ´% 1500,00 x 0,05 = 75,00 Bonus + Winnings = Total Winning 1500,00 + 75,00 = 1575,00
Innobet BETTING DEADLINES Pre-match bets can be placed up to the time indicated, which may not correspond to the start time of the event. Sky Investments Ltd reserves the right to void any bet placed after the deadline indicated, including owing to content timing errors or revised start times. If a bet, for whatever reasons, is placed after the start of a betting event, the bet will be void.
Market Listing at Innobet
• The designated home team appears on the left hand side and the designated away team appears on the right hand side, unless otherwise stated • In the event of a match taking place at a neutral venue or where no home team is declared, the team listed first (on the left) is the designated home team for betting purposes and the team listed second (on the right) is the designated away team for betting purposes • In situations where the event is played at a venue different to that listed, all bets on the event will be considered void unless the Special Rules for the specific sport state otherwise
Price/Time Changes at Innobet
Sky Investments Ltd reserves the right to change the prices (Odds) on offer at any time as well as suspend or close betting on events before the scheduled start time.
Data Errors
Sky Investments Ltd reserves the right to refuse to accept any bet without notification, justification or compensation. Sky Investments Ltd shall in no way be held liable for typing, transmission, display, publishing, betting information or odds errors. If any pre-match bet is accepted in error, Sky Investments Ltd reserves the right to void that bet where there were obvious errors concerning the entry of odds and/or results, e.g. a mistaken inversion of teams, odds, results, etc.
Technical Errors
Sky Investments Ltd reserves the right to suspend betting during an event due to failed transmission or other technical related issues or if fraud is suspected. Sky Investments Ltd reserves the right to cancel bets even subsequently if any such bet was won by the customer as a result of a technical fault or error, inclusive of but not limited to an error or fault in transmission. In any such case stakes will be refunded. Nevertheless, Sky Investments Ltd reserves the right to hold a customer liable for any damage caused to or suffered by us as a result of such customer knowingly taking advantage of a technical or administrative error when making and/or receiving payments.
Abandonments, Cancellations & Postponements Innobet
Unless otherwise stated in the Special Rules for the specific sport: • Any match, event or competition which is abandoned, cancelled or otherwise prior to the full statutory time regulation, e.g. 90 minutes for football, will be considered void • Any match, event or competition which is delayed or postponed will be considered void at Innobet
Outright Markets at Innobet
Outright markets are considered All In Run Or Not and therefore will be settled as a loss if the selection does not take part in the event. Dead Heat rules apply.
Related Contingency
A related contingency is a multiple bet where the outcome of one selection can contribute to the outcome of another selection, e.g. a double containing Roger Federer to win his US Open Semi-Final combined with Roger Federer to win the US Open Outright. • Sky Investments Ltd reserves the right to determine which bets have related contingency • Sky Investments Ltd does not accept multiple bets which have related contingency and reserves the right to void, at its discretion, multiple bets placed on related contingencies.
Combinations with related contingencies will be automatically blocked and unavailable to place in multiples during regular bet placement. In instances where a bet containing related contingencies has been accepted in error Sky Investments Ltd will completely void the multiple placed and will return the stake to the customer • In certain instances, Sky Investments Ltd will make available combinations of related contingencies for customers to place bets on, e.g. Mario Ballotelli to be World Cup Top Goalscorer and Italy to win the World Cup Outright innobet
Dead Heat Rule at Innobet
In the event of at least two competitors being declared the winner (a Dead Heat), the number of paying places remaining after clear winners are settled is divided by the number of players sharing those places. The odds for the selection are then multiplied by this number. e.g. In a competition with 5 paying places the top two players are settled while four players share third place. Since there are only three remaining paying places for these four players, the place odds for each player are multiplied by 0.75.
Push Rule (2-Way Markets) Innobet
In the event of a two competitor market resulting in a draw, a tie or exactly the number of quoted goals, points or runs and no price is offered for this conclusion the outcome is a Push. In this situation the resolution of single bets is to return stakes and for multiple bets the selection is considered a non-runner and bets will be settled on the outstanding selections. Innobet
Head To Head & 3-Way Markets
Unless otherwise stated in the Special Rules for the specific sport: • At least one competitor must finish the event or all bets are considered void • If one or more competitor(s) fail to start all bets are considered void • If all competitors are disqualified or otherwise excluded all bets are considered void • If both competitors in a head to head achieve the same result and no draw odds are offered then all bets are considered void • In cases with 3 or more competitors, where 2 competitors or more achieve the same result then the dead heat rule will apply, innobet
Innobet Multiples
In instances where a multiple bet includes a non-runner or a void selection, the bet will be settled on the remaining selections. Odds on the void selection will bet set to 1.00.
Innobet Results
All bets will be settled at the odds on offer when the bet was placed.